A bride and groom are going for a wild ride in a carriage that has been stolen from their home.

A baby carriage stolen from a couple in Delhi’s Baghpat area has been found and taken to a wildlife sanctuary in the state, where the parents hope to raise the baby and train the young ones.

The groom, Sajid, 27, and his bride, Saeeda, 28, said they had decided to run away with the carriage after the bride broke her leg in a fall and had lost her job as a domestic helper.

“We decided to escape to a sanctuary for wild animals after a hard day at work,” Saeedas father, Saheb, told AFP news agency.

“I have been struggling to get up in the mornings, and my son has been in a wheelchair since the accident,” he added.

The carriage has been recovered, and is now on loan to the wildlife sanctuary.

Saeeda and Sajdah have also decided to buy a new carriage, which is worth about $8,000.

“The baby carriage has a seat in the back and it is safe to ride in,” she said.

Saheb told AFP he hoped to buy the carriage to train the couple’s three-year-old daughter.

“She will be able to learn how to ride horses and how to travel with us,” he said.

Sajid told AFP the couple was “very thankful” for the support from the community.

“People will help us if they know we are going to do it,” he told AFP.

“They will give us a ride and make sure we get home safely.”