By KEN LEE-CHANJOU, Associated Press A baby carriage that was part of a circus, now in a museum, has been cursed.

It’s part of the exhibit “Babies,” which runs at the Museum of Modern Art in New York from July 17-24.

The carriage has an image of a white baby on it, according to a statement from the museum.

The baby carriage has been in storage for about a year, but has recently been moved to the museum, the statement said.

It has been reported that the carriage’s owner has sold the carriage to a local antique dealer, according the museum’s statement.

The exhibit is part of what the museum calls “The New York Circus: From 1770 to 1890,” which was curated by Artistic Director Robert W. Schindler.

It features images of circus performers, such as Mary Whitehouse and Jules Verne, and their famous rides.

The museum has been hosting “Baby Carriages” in the museum since 1999.

The ride, which had a different name, was a circus ride called “The Flying Circus.”