The Batman baby carrier wheels are the latest addition to the Batman franchise, and are now available for pre-order.

The Batmans original Batmobile was built in 1963, and since then, the iconic vehicle has become synonymous with the series.

However, the Batmobile has since been replaced with the Batcarrier, which is a modified version of the Batmans own car.

While it is technically an updated version of its predecessor, it lacks the distinctive Batman logo on the side of the car.

The wheel itself is made of carbon fibre, which the company claims provides an enhanced ride quality.

The company says it has built the wheel using the same material used in the Bat car.

However there is a difference between the two, as the Batwoman wheel has a slightly thicker rim, while the Bat-mobile wheel has an extremely thin rim.

The product comes with a variety of wheels, which you can order for as little as €1,799.

The batman wheels are not just for the Batmen, though.

There are a couple of different models that are compatible with the franchise, including the Bat Man’s Batmobile and Batmobile for Batwoman.

The car will be released in March, priced at €3,499, but you can also order one for yourself for €3 in limited numbers.

Check out the Bateman wheel for yourself and pick one up here.