A toddler carriage with a tiny baby on the back has been the top-grossing attraction in Mumbai since its opening on June 10.

In its first three months, the baby carriage sold out in two hours, said Vijay Bhattacharya, founder of the Mumbai-based baby carriage-design company, Baby Carriages, which sells the babies to couples and parents.

A baby carriage in a photo by Baby Carriage.

The baby carriage has sold out all the time, said Bhattayar, adding that its popularity has grown from its inception in 2011 to this year.

The new baby carriage features a tiny little baby on top of a white fabric covered with gauze.

Baby Carries founder Vijay, who is also a baby carriage manufacturer, said the baby is very friendly and likes to hug the owners.

“The baby is the biggest seller of the carriage,” he said.

“It is a huge hit with parents and people who want to give the baby a good ride.”

The carriages, with names such as the Bitter Pill and Baby Mummy, have come a long way from its beginnings as a small child carriage in Mumbai in the 1990s.

Baby carriage-makers have been making baby carriage since the 1980s.

They began selling baby carriage to couples in 1990s, with Baby Carriers co-founder Bajrang Mishra, who was born in 1982, designing and manufacturing the first baby carriage.

The first baby-carriage-maker, Baby Mummies, made baby carriage with the help of Mishra and his family, who built the first two.

Baby Mummies had the capacity of four to five passengers and sold for Rs 10,000 each.

The company had two more baby carriage variants, but they were not profitable and folded in 2000.

Baby Carriages now makes baby carriage exclusively for families, with baby carriage designs ranging from baby carriage of four and six people to baby carriage that seats eight.

Baby carriage makers have become bigger and more successful since they opened their first Mumbai store in the city in January 2017.

The new Baby Carves store, which has a grand opening on April 15, is located at the B.K. Bagh Market in New Town.

In recent years, Baby Cars has also developed its own brand and expanded into markets like the southern city of Thane.