If you’re looking to sell a baby horse carriage for less than the asking price, Craigslist has you covered.

The popular online classified site allows buyers to post their bids and get their prices for baby horses, which range from $5,000 to $10 and sometimes more.

Craigslist does not specify a listing for the baby carriage blue.

But there are dozens of listings for baby horse and mare carriage blue available on the site.

“They are very inexpensive,” said Rachel Leung, a marketing consultant in New York City.

“They are just amazing.

They are just beautiful.”

Baby carriage blue has become such a popular sale item that the company has launched a “Buy Baby Horses” campaign.

Leung says her clients pay as much as $8,000 for a horse carriage blue with an estimated price tag of $9,000.

“It’s very hard to get someone to go to Craigslist to buy them,” she said.

“If they do go to a seller on Craigslist, it’s usually the price is the exact same as what you pay at a flea market.”

If you’re considering a baby horses sale, it is important to note that Craigslist is not a certified auction house.

But the company says it takes listings seriously and that sellers are expected to abide by the company’s standards.

Leung says Craigslist sellers are encouraged to have a listing that is at least three weeks old.

The listings typically sell out within days.

The company also recommends that sellers keep the carriage blue in its original packaging for the duration of the sale.

That way, if it is later repurchased, it will have a new, new owner who will have to buy the carriage for the buyer.

Leong says the seller can sell the carriage back to Craigslist for the lower price if the buyer is unable to pay.

“There are no strings attached,” she added.

“The buyer has to pay for the carriage and it will be gone.”

Leung is a member of the Baby Horse and Mare Cattle Breeders Association.

She said she has been contacted by at least one buyer who wanted to sell the baby horse, but didn’t want to risk the sale going to auction.

“The buyer would not pay for it and then we would have a lot of bad press,” Leung said.