A classic baby carriage with its distinctive blue frame is getting a facelift with the opening of a new toy store in Cork. 

The ‘Bitty Baby Carriage’ from Bitty Babies, which was launched by the family of Kerry resident Peter Molloy, is set to open in The Shire on February 3. 

It is an homage to the baby carriage in the film The Big Lebowski and the characters of the characters in the movie.

“It’s a homage to a film that was filmed on the road and that was inspired by a film I did called The Big Bopper,” said Peter Molls.

“I think it’s a great idea, we wanted to go out and do something different and this is a great example of that.”

The baby carriage is made of bamboo and has a unique frame that resembles the one from The Big Baddest.

“We took that idea, adapted it and made it into a baby carriage,” said Michael Gormley, head of marketing and sales at Bitty Baby. 

“It has a nice frame and it has that beautiful blue frame that looks like a baby’s carriage.”

Its a really special little thing.

“The store will also feature other vintage toys including an 18th century carriage, an 1820 baby carriage and a carousel. 

Molloy has spent a lot of time researching the carousel in his native Ireland, and says he has always loved the sight of the spinning wheel.”

A lot of people love it, but a lot don’t know that there are actually spinning wheel horses in Ireland,” he said.”

The carousel is the same and they are all the same age but the carriage is from the 1800s.

“They all have different personalities and it’s just great to see them all together.”

Bitty Babys baby carriage has been in production for several years and will be sold at the store for €9.50.