When it comes to the science behind making ice cream, it can be difficult to get it right, but the science is real and it’s all about the milk, according to Fermenting.

The website, which is a partnership between National Geographic and the company, provides tips on making a variety of flavors and textures, including a recipe for a cream pie made with a mixture of almond butter and whipped cream.

You can find a complete list of the flavors here.

But for Ferment, it was about the ice cream.

The ice cream is made with the milk of a baby carriage that’s in a wooden wagon.

It comes in three flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and coffee, and is a favorite at home.

For the most part, though, the ice is made by hand.

“We wanted to create something that people would enjoy and share with friends and family,” Ferment said.

“This is a way for people to make ice cream with their own hands.”

This article originally appeared on National Geographic News.