Two men are facing life in prison after they allegedly stole a baby carriage in Australia.

Key points:The driver of the baby carriage, 21, is facing two counts of assault with a weapon, while the two passengers are facing a further five chargesThe accused men allegedly stole the carriage from a private holiday home in the state of VictoriaThe driver was arrested on Wednesday and charged with two counts each of assault and kidnapping, as well as possessing an assault weapon and using a dangerous weapon.

A 21-year-old man and a 23-year old man were arrested on Tuesday in the Southern Territory, where they were allegedly driving a baby buggy that was being ridden by two people who had been sleeping on the back.

The men allegedly drove to a private caravan park and stole the buggy, which had been taken to the private holiday estate of Lomas Creek in the State’s north.

The owner of the caravan park, Steven Cairns, said the two men had not been there when he first saw the buggy in his driveway, which was parked in his garden.

“They were not even there when I saw it,” he said.

“I didn’t see the buggy until it was in the driveway, so I thought it was a flatbed trailer, but it was really a baby caravan, with the baby sitting on top.”

It was really big.

I didn’t know what to do with it, I just went in and gave it a good scrub.

“Mr Cairn said he had seen the buggy on a TV show when he was a teenager.”

My friends and I used to go and have a baby, so we thought it might be something fun, so they had a little party with their mates, and we got a couple of things and we had a bit of fun,” he told”

We were all happy, but then it was stolen and we all got into the car.

“Mr Dutton said he was concerned the two arrested men could be planning to rob someone else.”

One of them was just in there, he was sitting there.

They had his hands on his gun, and they were just staring at me,” he added.”

He was a pretty cool kid.

I think it’s sad because we don’t have that much money, and the police don’t do a lot to help people like that.

“Mr Burt said the man who was arrested was a licensed driver.”

His wife was the one who got it out, and that was the only one in there.

“And I think he had a good attitude about it,” Mr Burt told, adding that his wife and son were on holiday at the time.

“The lady that was with him, I think she’s a little bit younger than him, and he was the oldest of the bunch.”

Mr Jenson said he wanted to make sure he and the other driver were given as much support as possible.

“You know, I’m not going to be a victim of that type of behaviour,” he explained.

“Because that’s the way the police are.

The men are due to appear in court on November 15.”

I would like them to have all the help they can, but I just want them to be safe and well.”

The men are due to appear in court on November 15.