Mercedes Baby Carrying Pendant & Baby Caravans Pendant are now available at the MWC International 2017 show, the German automaker announced.

The Mercedes Baby Carrier Pendant is a custom made baby carriage made in Germany and the baby carriage pendants are designed to carry a child to the hospital, with a baby carrier attached to the rear of the carriage.

The baby carriage is also designed to transport people and equipment, including baby carriers, to a hospital.

The pendants feature a baby carriage in the center and two baby carriage holders on the sides.

They also have the same style as the Mercedes Baby Cars Pendant.

The carriages are made with titanium and silver and feature a metallic finish.

They are expected to retail for approximately $2,000.

The Baby Carriers Pendant will be available at MWA 2017 in March, and the Baby Carry Pendants will be made available at Mercedes’ MWC show later this year.