Baby carriage owner Bryan Lipscomb hopes to get a federal grant to expand his business.

| AP file photoThe owner of a baby carriages in the middle of Washington says he hopes to attract a federal loan and expand his businesses with a $1.6 million grant.

Lipscomb said he was looking for a $200,000 loan to expand a business that sells baby carriage seats for $30.

That’s about half of the $500,000 that he needed to get the carriage set up in his garage.

“We’ve had the business for years and years, so I’ve had to grow it,” Lipscom said.

Linsworth’s Baby Carriages, a nonprofit company, sells baby carrier seats for the middle age group.

The company has a small storefront at 1613 11th St. NW, where Lipscups wife works.

“She’s a great mom, but we’ve been trying to grow the business and make it a little bit bigger,” Linsworth said.

“The grant money is great.”

Lipscom has raised $250,000 in grants for the last two years, but said the grant will allow him to expand the business.

He’s been trying for three years to get $1 million.

“I’m trying to get it to expand, but I’m not going to get that money without the money from the grant,” Lipps said.

“The grant gives us the funding to expand.

We have to find people who want to work for us, but the money is coming in and I’m hoping to find a sponsor to help me grow the company.”

The $1,600 grant would help Lipsworth expand his baby carriage business and to provide for the upkeep of his vehicle.

Lipcomb said the grants are part of a larger effort to help small businesses and families.

He said he has been looking for funding to help his business grow, but that there are many small businesses that can benefit from the funding.

Lipts business is an all-baby carriage service that sells infant carriage seats, which can be used in the backseat of a vehicle.

They are typically purchased at the local nursery or local grocery store.

The baby carriage service also offers child care, babysitting and child care services for seniors and people with disabilities.

“Our business is about providing good jobs for the people that live here, that are disabled,” Lipts said, adding that he hopes the grant money will allow his business to grow.