Wal-Mart baby carriage, designed to carry up to four adults, is now available at the company’s new retail center in California.

The Baby Carrier is a modular home that can accommodate a variety of needs including families, toddlers and toddlers.

The vehicle is built to fit all sizes, including the baby’s head and headboard.

The Baby Carrier was designed by local firm Bendix and Associates.

Bendix’s goal was to build the baby carriage as a modular piece that could be folded, flipped and mounted to a building’s walls.

It was designed to be a “multi-purpose home” and it is now ready for delivery.

The company’s plan was to make the Baby Carrier modular and easily replaceable so it could be used as a living space for families, as well as a family-size vehicle.

Bendix’s product is designed to fit the body of an adult child as well.

The platform can be used for a single person or as a two-person bed.

The crib is also designed to hold an adult.

The Bendix Baby Carrier features an enclosed sleeping area, a baby bed, a crib and an area for storage.

The company also hopes to create a “baby carriage family” to fit families of all sizes.

It plans to use the Baby Carriages as a home theater, a vehicle for toddlers, a child-friendly space for infants and a family space for adults.

Baidu has teamed up with Walmart to offer the BabyCarriage for $699.99.