China’s government-run shipbuilder is seeking to build a carriage for the millions of Chinese people who have baby jogger carriages in their homes.

The company, China Shipbuilding and Engineering Corp., or SKCEO, said Thursday it would seek bids for the $50 million-plus vehicle, which will be used for newborns, infants and infants with special needs.

China Shipbuilders has a fleet of about 1,300 boats, according to the company website.

It has said it has ordered about 1 million of the baby jogging cars and hopes to have them on the road by next summer.

“In our current model of building vehicles for children, it’s a very good idea for the government to support the development of these vehicles,” SKCERO Chief Executive Zhang Zhaoxu said at the launch of the car.

The baby joger carriages have become a hot topic as China seeks to address a public health crisis and improve infant safety.

The country has a baby boom in the past decade, and more than 30 million children under five are now born annually, according the United Nations.

China has also struggled with a shortage of baby food.

In recent months, the country has also seen a spike in cases of infant respiratory infections and deaths.

Last month, officials said an outbreak of pneumonia in China’s southern Guangdong province may have been linked to a baby joggle carriage.

The carriages were used by a group of Chinese women to walk around in public during the annual Summer Olympics.