Wheels for the baby carriage are one of the easiest ways to add fun and charm to your home.

They’re also easy to make and very inexpensive, so they’re perfect for those who love baby carriage games.

Here’s how.


Get a wheel of some kind.

A simple wooden or metal wheel with a wheel hub makes a great gift for your baby carriage wheel, especially if you like a baby carriage with wheels.

You can also make one yourself with some of these DIY baby carriage wheels from Home Depot.

You’ll also want to get a small decorative metal baby carriage hub.


Create the wheels.

Start by cutting a piece of scrap wood with a router blade.

Cut a circle about 1/4 inch wide and 3/4 to 1 inch thick.

If you don’t have a router, you can use a hacksaw to make a 1-inch circle.


Use a knife to cut a circle.

Cut an indentation from the center of the wheel into a circle you like.


Make the wheels using a router or other saw.

Cut two circles out of the center to create the wheels, leaving a small indentation in the center.


Cut the wheels into 1/2-inch thick pieces.

Use your saw to cut the wheel hubs into circular shapes.

You should end up with about 4 wheels.


Add decorative metal wheels to the wheels for a more realistic look.

For more baby carriage fun, you’ll want to make more than one baby carriage.

For each wheel, cut a circular hole in the middle.


Cut 2 more circles in the same pattern to create a more intricate baby carriage pattern.

Make a circle from the middle of the top half of the baby wheel and a circle at the bottom.

You may want to add an extra circle or two on each side.


Add an extra small decorative circle to each wheel.

For an even more realistic baby carriage ride, add a baby carriages seat to each of the wheels and use the center hole to create one more circle.


Create a decorative wheel hub using a carving saw.

For this tutorial, you may want some of your favorite pieces of decorative metal, like baby carriage parts or decorative metal pieces.

The best part is, you don: use a carving knife or other sharpened tool to create intricate baby wheel hubs for the wheel.

(If you don, the hub may be a bit difficult to remove from the wheel.)

Cut a hole in one of your wheel hubs and drill a hole through the center so the wheels can attach.


Use some wood glue to glue a small hole in each wheel hub.

You will want to create an airtight seal to keep your wheels safe while you’re putting them together.


Place your baby carriage wheels on the wheels so they don’t come out all over the place.

If the wheels get caught in any other part of your home, just glue them back together.


Enjoy the little extra baby carriage play you’ve always wanted to have!

For more decorative baby carriage toys, you will also want: baby carriage furniture, baby carriage accessories, and baby carriage books.


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