The series’ new season kicks off on Monday with a flashback episode, which features a young Rosemary and her older brother having their first kiss on a train.

Rosemary (played by actress Emma Thomas) is still mourning the loss of her parents, which was something that the rest of the family were still struggling with.

She also tries to reconnect with her childhood friend, Charlie (Michael Cudlitz).

However, the family is forced to move out of their home and relocate to a new school when their father (guest star Paul Rust) is injured in a car accident.

While the show has already made its way to the CW, it’s unclear if fans will be able to see the reunion with the family.

While the episode doesn’t contain any new revelations, it does feature a scene where the family reunites and talks about the tragedy of their lives.

In addition to sharing a moment of reflection with Rosemary, the episode also features Rosemary talking to her mother, Rosemary.

While it’s clear that the show’s writers are taking a break from the family drama, there’s still a chance that they’ll revisit some of the other characters and events that have been touched upon in the season.

One character who is still very much alive in the series is her friend, Lily (Cameron Diaz), who has had a difficult time adjusting to life in London.