We can imagine it as a toy for kids and a tool for parents, but the first baby carriage we saw this year was a fully functional carriage for a baby.

This one uses an Arduino-compatible camera and a small motor to deliver a baby to the baby.

The baby carriage’s camera is used to capture video of the baby while they’re being born.

The carriage has four legs, a rear wheel and a front wheel.

It’s also equipped with an Arduino board, USB and WiFi.

The camera’s lens has a lens-tracking lens that is used for 3D modeling and to allow for some advanced camera effects.

The carriage can be used for any size baby.

And if you want to make it bigger, there’s a small extension attached to the bottom that can be adjusted to a maximum of 10 centimeters.

The video quality is impressive.

In addition to a video feed from the camera, there is also a video clipart file that shows the baby in the carriage.

This is how the baby carriage looks like with the extension attached.

We’re not sure how big the baby’s head will be once they’re inside the carriage, but we’re excited to see what the kids will make of the carriage! 

Baby carriage prototype by @sjdavidjones