Baby carriage balloons in China have been making headlines for the past few months.

Now, they are finally going into full production.

According to the Associated Press, the balloons will be delivered to the Shanghai Metro, where they will be filled with helium.

The balloon will then be launched into the air by a helicopter.

After the balloon is released, the balloon will have to be recovered, according to the AP.

The balloons have been designed to be reusable, which means they can be reused for several flights.

This means they will also be useful for transporting small items like diapers, and other small items.

It also means the balloons can be easily transported, which is important to some people who might be homeless or have limited mobility.

The Chinese Ministry of Transport says that the balloon production program will take place from March to July, according the AP, and that a total of 25 million balloons will have been produced.

It is the third major program announced by China’s transportation authorities in the past two years, and it comes after the launch of a new version of the China Dream, which has been praised for its innovative approach to the transportation sector.

The Shanghai Metro is expected to become the first Chinese city to offer balloon transportation.