The baby carriage was born in the UK and will be driven by the UK’s Royal Mail to the US, where it will be used to deliver baby supplies and merchandise.

The carriage is the first of many new baby carriage vehicles being built by the US-based manufacturer. 

The company announced the carriage, dubbed the Baby Annabel, at its launch event on Tuesday.

The baby carriage will be rolled out across the UK from February 2017, when it will join a range of new baby carriages that will be offered by the Royal Mail, including the Baby Royal Mail.

“The Baby Annabeau carriage is an innovative solution that delivers the very best of British carriage, with a distinctive look and feel,” said David Hill, Chief Executive of Royal Mail Customer Services.

“This carriage is not only the world’s first to deliver mail via baby carriage, but also one of the most popular.”

It is the latest in a string of new carriage models that have been unveiled to help the Royal Air Force and other government departments carry out their daily deliveries.

The Royal Mail launched the baby carriage in 2010 and in 2017, the British Postal Delivery Service (BPS) launched the first ever baby carriage.

A baby carriage can take up to 100 people.